Standard Features for Port Replicator
The Port Replicator is compatible with the Evo N800 and N1000 series notebooks, N610, N620 and HP Compaq nc4000, nx5000, nx7000, nc6000, nc8000 and nw8000 series notebooks.

Hot Docking/
Undocking support
Hot docking/undocking supported under Windows® 2000, Windows XP Professional and Windows 98 SE.

Network Interface
The Port Replicator incorporates NIC pass though so the network card of the notebook provides the networking capabilities. The latest version of the Port Replicator includes support for Gigabit NIC pass through for Gigabit enabled notebooks.

Battery Charging
The system main battery can be charged when connected to the Port Replicator if the AC Adapter provided with the Port Replicator is plugged in.

Robust Security
The Port Replicator has 2 security slots that incorporate two levels of security. One slot allows the Port Replicator to be secured to a stationary object. The second slot locks the Port Replicator and the notebook to a stationary object. This security feature works only in conjunction with a security cable lock accessory kit which can also be purchased from HP.

Line in
Composite Video

Port Replication
PS/2 (2)
USB 2.0 (2)
NIC Pass through
1394 – Only supported if notebook has 1394 support
NOTE: USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 speeds depending on the capability of the notebook.
* DVI-D replication is supported only on following DVI-capable notebooks: HP Compaq nx5000, nc6000, nc8000 and nw8000.